Monday, December 6, 2010

Chocolate Fudge

Today, 6th December, is celebrated as Sint Niklaas day in Belgium.  It is the day that Saint Nicolas brings in gifts and sweets for children and reminds them to be good and listen to their parents the coming year.  My children are aware that there is no Saint Nicolas bringing them gifts, but it is us, their parents who are the ones who bring them gifts.  However, we also try to buy them things that are useful and needed rather than toys.

So since my son has broken the CD player of his computer, he was going to receive that as a gift and my daughter was going to get a set of headphones so she can play her piano without disturbing the rest of the house.  But thanks to Amazon UK, our gifts did not come and instead we got an email from their customer service that the parcel was returned back.  So I had to find something to cheer the children up.  What works better than chocolate?  Chocolate Fudge.  Simple, easy and ready in 1 hour.

Preparation Time:  80 minutes
Serves 6


1 cup cocoa powder or drinking chocolate
1 cup sugar
1 tin condensed milk
1 packet marie biscuits
½ cup mixture of roasted walnuts, cashew-nuts and almonds


Crush the biscuits into crumbs with a rolling pin.  The biscuit crumbs help the fudge to set well.  Add the remaining ingredients and mix well till thick.  Pour into a flat dish and put it in the refrigerator, but don’t freeze it.  The fudge takes about half an hour to set, and then be cut into pieces. I prefer cutting them into uneven pieces.

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