Monday, January 24, 2011

Fish in the Net

I read that on an average if an adult can take 10000 steps a day, our life style could be classified as “active”.  So I got myself a pedometer and measured my steps on an average day and got 3000 steps on my pedometer.  My lifestyle would be classified as sedentary.  Being behind a desk for most of the day and then walking just when I needed to visit the toilet or then to fuel up for food, what would you expect?  After getting back from work too, there is not much walking happening around.  So for the past week I decided I need to get at least above 5000 steps on my pedometer – so far so good.  The extra effort I do is to walk to the nearby supermarket to get my lunch rather than take a flight of stairs to the cafeteria.  Then I try to go for a quick walk around the block – approximately 3000 steps or 20 minutes.  For now I will stick to these two simple changes and perhaps go for the 10000 mark in a couple of weeks or months.  You will hear about it from me.

I would actually advise everyone to get a little pedometer and keep it on you at all times, except when you go to bed.  It will give you a nice indication of how your lifestyle is – sedentary or active and also encourages you to go that extra mile to get your numbers up.  For example, parking far away in the super market and walking the distance instead of finding the nearest place to park. 

I used a combination of two fishes for the dish below – salmon and sole fish.  I substituted smoked salmon pieces also and it worked just fine.  Also for the noodles I used a mixture of two types of egg noodles to give some variety to the “nest”.  I substituted dill leaves instead of the coriander as my coriander was over and the flavour of the dill worked well with the fish and dish as a whole.
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Serves 2


3 slices fish fillet
2 onions, minced
1 teaspoon chilli sauce
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon mustard oil
Salt to taste
300 grams noodles
½ cup coriander leaves, chopped

  1. De-bone the fish fillet if needed.   
  2. Add oil to a thick bottomed pan and heat.   
  3. When hot, add the fish slices and sauté fish along with the onions.  
  4. Add the soy and chilli sauces.  
  5.  Slide in noodles and pour sufficient hot water to cover them.  
  6. Add coriander leaves, cover lid and cook on low heat till the juices are absorbed.  
  7. Serve for lunch or dinner.

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