Monday, June 4, 2012

Meat Balls in gravy {Kofta}

The Euro 2012 is starting next week.  In the midst of all the excitement over football, reports about racism and white supremacy in the host countries have also been brought to the attention of the world.  Do international events like the Euro Cup, Olympics, Common Wealth games, Football world cup or any other international events bring to focus the attention of the world on the host country and thus force the country in question to take action for the better?  Or should countries with bad human rights records not be selected as host countries for international events until their record improves?  The question is what is the best approach? 

I remember when the Common Wealth games were to be hosted by India a couple of years back, corruption was the focus.  The officials and politicians in charge of organizing the games were the ones who took most of the money.  The games went ahead as planned, but not before some teams quit due to poor living and sanitary conditions.  The country was in focus in the world media and being an Indian, it was an embarrassment to me as well.  After the games, people were held accountable for the corruption involved – but did corruption in India become less?  No.  Ukraine and Poland are in focus now for the Euro 2012 over charges of rampant racism during their football events.  Many are flabbergasted at scenes of football fans taking the Nazi salute or the kicking and hitting of some non-white spectators during a match.  What is being done besides bringing it in focus of the world?  Nothing.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Serves: 4


For the meat balls:
½ kilo minced meat
1 egg
4 tablespoons coriander leaves, chopped
1 large red onion, roughly chopped
1” piece ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
2 green chilies
½ teaspoon cinnamon powder
Salt to taste
To Fry:
4 tablespoons corn oil
For the gravy:
3 red onions, ground
1” piece ginger, peeled and ground
1 teaspoon turmeric powder
250 grams red tomatoes, skinned and chopped
¾ teaspoon garam masala
200 ml water
2 tablespoons yoghurt, for garnishing


  1. Beat the meat and egg together.   
  2. Combine the remaining meat ball ingredients together and grind to a paste.  Add to the meat mixture.   
  3. Roll the spiced meat into small balls about 2” in diameter and fry in hot oil to seal the juices, but not long enough to cook the meat.  Remove meat from the pan.  
  4. In the same oil, saut√© the onions until golden brown and then add the ginger.  Stir fry for a minute.  
  5. Add the turmeric and the garam masala.   
  6. Now add the tomatoes and over a moderate heat fry until the tomatoes soften and become smooth in texture.   
  7. Pour in about 200 ml of water.  Bring to a simmer.   
  8. Gradually add the meat balls and juices to the pan.  Simmer for a further 15 minutes and garnish with yoghurt before serving.


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